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orbu Cabins
Å Feskarbrygga Rorbuer
(Formerly Hellvåg Rorbuer)

Brit & Rasmus Kibsgård
Å i Lofoten, N-8392 Sørvågen

Tel. (+47) 91161999 / 90791339

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GPS-coordinates (position): 67.52.804 N / 12.59.185 E

Season: January – December

  • Small rorbu camp in Å with approx. 30 beds
  • Owned and run by a fisherman and his family
  • All rorbu cabins have a fully equipped kitchen, shower and WC
  • 2 of the rorbu cabins have been insulated for winter use and are of excellent standard
  • 1-2 bedrooms with bunks and double bed
  • Cabins are otherwise of high standard with 2 bedrooms with bunks/double bed
  • Also bunks in lounge/alcove
  • Boats for hire - Sting 18 foot with 40hp outboard motors
  • Bicycle hire

Our camp resort is adapted for ordinary holidays, and is equipped with outlets for broadband internet. Excellent sea view. Car park for patrons.

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Å,  Lofoten, at the end of the Lofoten road. Outer harbour, by the breakwater/pier.
Walking distance, 100-250 m, from grocer's shop, cafe, restaurant, bus stop and museums.


Rorbu Cabins    
Buvåg NOK 1540,- a night 4 beds
Hellvåg NOK 1430,- a night 6 beds
Skårungen NOK 1210,- a night 5 beds
Høvedsmannen NOK 1100,- a night 3 beds
Small apartments    
Blåmyra NOK  990 a night 4 beds
Styrhuset NOK  990 a night 4 beds
Kahytten NOK  990 a nigh 4 beds

Sleeping bags or own bed clothes are not allowed.
Duvé cover, sheet, pillow case and towel NOK 100 per bed (for durationof stay)
Should you require last day cleaning of your cabin, an additional fee of NOK 400 per cabin is payable.

15-20% off-season discount on cabin prices.

Boats for hire

18 foot Sting boats with 40hp outboard motors.
NOK 1000,- a day for residents or NOK 1200 for others.

Fishing rods for hire:
per rod NOK150  a day.

Bicycles for hire:
per bike NOK 150 a day.


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Feskarbrygga Holiday Camp
Hellvåg Rorbuer

Brit & Rasmus Kibsgård
Å i Lofoten, N-8392 Sørvågen

Tel. (+47) 91161999 / 90791339

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