in Flakstad & Moskenes, Lofoten Islands

No licences are required for sea fishing from land or boat.

  • Sea fishing from boat

Rowing boats may normally be borrowed/hired from the owners of the fishermen's cabins. Both in Moskenes and Flakstad you will always have the chance of fishing cod, coley and other fish, too. Ask the owner of your accomodation for advice. You can fish with a rod, or you can try hand lines.

  • Fresh water fishing

Fishing licence (Fiskekort) required.Available at post-offices, tourist offices and some shops.

  • What and Where (see map)

Ågvannet Lake, Storvannet Lake, Markvannet Lake: Trout and charr.
Tindsvannet Lake, Tridalsvannet Lake, Fjerddalsvannet Lake: charr.
Sørvågvannet Lake, Solbjørnvannet Lake, Trolldalsvannet Lake: Trout.

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