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Refsvikhula Cave

Overlooking the Maelstrom

Old "map" of the Maelstrom

Fishing boat trips

Cairns in Refsvika

Good fishing off Sørvågen - halibut!

Sund Fisheries Museum

Overlooking the Reinefjord. (Photo: Robert Walker)

Hamnøy in Winter

Fishing boat trips!

Off to the fishing grounds ...

Killer whales just off land.

Deep-sea rafting in the Maelstrom.

Deep-sea rafting.

The abandoned hamlet of Refsvika

The beach at Ramberg.

Cycling in Lofoten.

View of the Reinefjord from Mt. Reinebringen.

Stormy weather - also a sight worth seeing.

The Midnight Sun.



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The area around Lofotodden Point is characterized by a narrow coastline, steep mountain formations and the strong tidal currents that flow between the islands. The sea and the Ice Ages have formed deep fjords, craggy peaks and a number of coastal caves.

The Maelstrom

- one of the world's strongest tidal currents
Between the islands of Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy, Moskenesøy, Mosken and Værøy, we find strong tidal currents like the Nappstraumen, Sundstraumen and perhaps the most famous of them all, the Maelstrom, known locally as Moskstraumen.

The Maelstrom (Moskstraumen) and the waters to the west of the Lofoten Headland have been renowned and respected for thousands of years. First described 2,000 years ago by the Greek historian, Pytheas, and later by such famous authors as Petter Dass, Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne, it has also appeared on innumerable sea charts accompanied by terrifying illustrations and warnings. This stretch of water, abundant as it is with fish, has formed the basis for settlements for thousands of years. Whether seen as an amazing natural phenomenon, or as a destination for a fishing trip, the Maelstrom will provide you with an unforgettable experience.
Adventure tours by boat to the Refsvikhula Cave, passing through the Maelstrom. Scheduled trips several times a week from May 1 to September 30. Also available to groups during the off-season, by prior arrangement.

The Refsvikhula Cave

- 3,000 year old cave paintings

A visit to the 50 metre tall and 115 metre deep Refsvikhula Cave is a journey into the mysticism of the past. This gigantic cave is awe-inspiring even to the hardiest of travellers, and the experience is emphasised by the enigmatic characters sketched on the walls of the cave by cavemen, over three thousand years ago.The figures were discovered in 1986 by archaeology students from the University of Tromsø.
Adventure tours by boat several times a week during the summer. Also available to groups during the off-season, by prior arrangement. Organised trips.

Storbåthellaren Cave
- Stone Age Settlement

The cave south of the village of Napp consists of a mighty overhang, 70 metres deep and 22 metres tall. This is the oldest known Stone Age settlement in Lofoten. Inside the cave there are thick layers of waste left by the Stone Age people allowing us to read their 5500 year history.Archaeologists found fishing tackle, spear and arrowheads, knives, axes, bone needles, potsherds and ceramics, etc. Bone remnants bear witness to a fascinating and varied diet and include the remains of many species of fish and shellfish, 16 different animals and no less than 37 species of birds. Human bones were also found.

Fishing Boat Trips

A wooden deck beneath your feet on board a fishing smack on the Vestfjord; hauling cod, haddock and coley, wolf fish or tusk over the gunwale - the green mountains of the Lofoten Wall in the background. The fishermen of Flakstad and Moskenes wish you welcome aboard for a taste of their every day life!
Fisherman for a Day. Fishing trips from Å and Reine.

Adventure Tours by Boat

The Maelstrom – Coastal caves – Cliffside nesting colonies – Troll-like mountains and deep fjords

Boat trips in the Reinefjorden on the Fjord ferry:
The Reinefjorden – Troll-like mountains and waterfalls (Midnight Sun).
- The Reienfjorden, daily round trips on the fjord ferry, no guides.

Abandoned Fishing Hamlets and Farms

Art and Handicrafts

For centuries, the natural surroundings and distinnctive culture of Lofoten have drawn artists to its shores to work and create. Local artists, too, have been inspired by the rugged countryside and fantastic light. There are a number of stimulating artists and craftsmen in the region, including a glassblower and a ceramist in Vikten, a silversmith in Nusfjord, a textile artist and metalworker in Ramberg, a blacksmith in Sund and painters in Sørvågen. A fascinating and colourful meeting with the creative artists of Lofoten, a meeting that will leave its mark on you.

Fascinating Museums

A number of fascinating museums provide you with a good insight into the local history, from life in the fishing village and the Lofoten Fishery, to the production and sale of stockfish, a journey back to childhood with North Norwegian and European children’s culture, the motorization of the fishing fleet over the past 100 years and cod and telecommunications – the reason why Lofoten was to become such an important part of Norwegian and European telecommunications history.

Mountain Adventures

Enjoy magnificent countryside in easy-going or more demanding terrain, everything from mountaineering with panoramic views, to fishing in fresh mountain lakes.We are proud of our mountains and we want to reduce the degree of wear and tear on our vulnerable countryside. We have therefore marked and cairned only selected paths and trails which we try to maintain by paving them with rocks at certain places. We urge you to follow these paths when walking in the mountains.

All year round
The sunshine brings out the amazing colours that the underwater landscape has to offer. Calm and peaceful movement through the kelp will make you feel at one with nature. Crabs, hermit crabs, starfish and snails live their busy lives down there as the fish lie there like a blanket above the kelp.

All year round
Fantastic natural surroundings, striking mountain ridges, wrecks and tunnels are just some of the things you can experience under water in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Floating weightlessly like an eagle above the coral seabed adds the finishing touch to the adventures that will make your stay in Lofoten a perfect one.

Lofoten is a fantastic destination for cyclists. Cycling offers the freedom and time to take a closer look at life in a vibrant fishing village, and to enjoy wild and wonderful countryside. Breathe in the smell of the sea and hear the seagulls cry as you roll slowly by. If you decide to go on a midnight sun ride, you will be cycling almost all alone, in complete peace and quiet. Guided cycling tours are also possible. History and a little exercise have never hurt anyone. Bikes available for hire
at a number of locations in Moskenes. Have a great ride!

If you are wondering what it is like to paddle in heaven, you should try kayaking here. We have fjords and beaches that can take
anybody's breath away. You can experience nature at close quarters here, and an abundance of animal life as you glide through the water. With a kayak you can access tiny coves and fjords, and paddle between old wharves and boats without any trouble. It is not without reason that Lofoten has been voted one of the world’s best kayak destinations.
NB: You should never paddle alone in these surroundings
. Make sure that you have the necessary safety equipment with you at all times. Check the weather forecasts and talk to any locals who paddle in the area. Remember, there are strong currents and a considerable difference between high and low tide. If you are a little in doubt, it is also possible to hire a guide or have your whole trip organised. To paddle on your own, you should  have a "wet card" certificate.

Mountain Hikes
Moskenes offers scenic nature experiences in both easy and more demanding terrain in the surrounding mountains. Join a local guide on the best mountain walks: amazing panoramic views from Mount Reinebringen, midnight sun trips to Bunes, or a climb to Lofoten’s second highest peak, Hermannsdalstinden (1029 m asl). Let our guides lead you to our culture, nature and geology.
Duration: 4 – 6 hours Price: from NOK 250 (min 5 pers) children under 15: 50% discount
: Audun Rasmussen, tel. (+47) 93 49 26 20.

Winter in Lofoten

Enjoy the atmosphere of the famous Lofoten Fishery and some magnificent winter scenery. Adventure tours by boat include both fishing on the seas of Lofoten and deep-sea rafting. Try fresh, steaming cod, liver and roes and other tasty meals after an exciting day at sea. Stay in comfortable maritime surroundings. And when you have had enough of the sea, there is some great skiing terrain here, with mountain cabins on both of the islands of Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy. The Dark Season, stormy weather, the mystical light of spring, the delicate flutter of the Northern Lights above the jagged peaks of Lofoten: the Fishing Village Realm is also the realm of winter holidays.

Geology trails in Vikten

Among the geological phenomena in Vikten, we find the rocks and boulders near the Glassblower’s Cabin, the local moraines, and a number of other items that may be observed when following the two interesting paths known as the Morenestien and the Tangrandstien.


Including quayside dances, fishing festivals, art exhibitions, etc.


Birdlife in the  Lofoten Islands is varied and fascinating. Over 140 species have been sighted in Moskenes and Flakstad, many of which are random visitors that occur due to the location and character of the islands.

The Weather, Climate and Seasons

Warm, calm summer days, bright summer nights in the light of the Midnight Sun, north-easterly snow storms with katabatic winds, dead calm winter evenings with the Northern Lights dancing enigmatically across the night sky above snow-white Lofoten mountains. Lofoten offers you the entire spectrum of climatic conditions.

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