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The company has now closed down after 18 years in the service of tourism in Lofoten. Business has now been taken over by a new, younger company. Click here for further details.

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(Established 1987)

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We work to preserve our heritage
To care for our natural surroundings
Our way of life
And our guests

We want our region to be a “green destination” based on nature and culture friendly tourism. We intend to apply measures to prevent this attractive and vulnerable part of Lofoten from becoming a burned out destination in a few years time. The future of the Lofoten Islands as a tourist destination involves preserving, and concentrating on, the “authentic and the unique.” With the sustainable use of nature, culture and human resources, we will be in a position to develop a competitive, strong and profitable all-year-round tourist industry.

"We choose our own guests".
Our nature, culture and character are becoming increasingly attractive. Activities, educational pursuits, health programmes and holiday adventures based on “the pure, the delightful, the unique, the authentic and the original” are becoming ever more in demand among tourists. The safeguarding of the environment and local integrity, then, is a factor that corresponds nicely with demands on the market. We take this into account in the development of “our tourist product” - the one that we offer to “our guests.”

We think and act on a long-term basis:

  • Local communities should control local developments themselves

  • We seek to ensure local control over our region’s resources

  • We seek to avoid the danger of over-dependency on the tourist market

  • Tourism should contribute towards the strengthening of the fisheries, agriculture and other industries

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