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LOFOTEN - Now on Video!!

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Flakstad & Moskenes

The island boroughs of Flakstad and Moskenes constitute the most distinctive part of the Lofoten region, where Nature's abundance, wildness and mysticism have characterised the area, and the people living there, for thousands of years.

The fishing, and production of cod-liver oil and stockfish that go on during the famous Lofoten Winter Cod Fishery, have constituted the region's most important sources of income for thousands of years.

The video provides viewers with an insight into what this part of Lofoten has to offer the visitor, renowned as it is in literature for the Arctic cod, the sheer and jagged mountain peaks, the infamous Maelstrom - and the recently discovered cave paintings to be found beneath Europe's oldest mountains.

On sale in Flakstad & Moskenes, Lofoten Islands, now, for NOK 198 + postage and packing. Why not have a good look at The Fishing Village Realm before you get here. The video can be ordered by email now, or you can simply make enquiries about it at this address:

If you prefer, you can call or write to either
The Tourist Information Centre,
N-8392 Sørvågen, Lofoten, Norway
Tel. +47 76 09 15 99,

the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum
Å i Lofoten, Norway.
Tel. +47 76 09 14 88.

Movie downloads (Shift-Click to download):

Lofoten- a brief welcome showing something of what we have to offer
Winter - a glimpse of the harbour during the winter fishing season
Cave - some views of the Refsvikhula Cave and the cave paintings
Fishing - a trip on a genuine Lofoten fishing boat is an unforgettable experience

NB: The movies are available in Quick Time format only. This means that you need to have Quick Time installed on your system, or a QT plug-in installed in your browser.

The video was produced by the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, Å i Lofoten.
Directed by Bjørn Kenneth Hansen.

Original title: Fiskeværsferie i hjertet av Lofoten

 Leisure/Information Running time: 21 min.  Produced in 1996
 Age limit: 3 years Colour English narration

NB: Also available in Norwegian and German versions!

Distributed by Flakstad & Moskenes Tourist Information Centre, tel. +47 76 09 15 99.

The film is superceded by a 20 minute multimedia information sequence incl. photos and text about the various overnight accommodations, service facilities etc.

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